A respectful request of Paul W. Bennett

I need to put this together quickly folks, as I am hastily writing this on my lunch hour.

I would like to make a public request of Paul W. Bennett in regards to his comments to CBC in regards to their upcoming piece on teacher misconduct.

Tonight on Marketplace, an investigative report will be airing on how, in many provinces, the general public has an issue with finding out about how teachers have been disciplined.

In a CBC news article on the upcoming episode on teacher misconduct Bennett is quoted as saying

“We know that there are more incidents going on than are publicly reported, and we have very good evidence that many of these cases are buried,”

Now, I have no particular beef with CBC doing the piece, and I will probably tune in, even though I might find it sensationalist. However, I wonder if I could ask two things from Mr. Bennett.

  1. Could he identify  the “we” he references? Is he part of a group that is researching this topic? Is he referring to AIMS? Is he referring to CBC or SMU? Does “we” refer to a specific group that has knowledge of these incidents? His use of the word seems to indicate this. So who, exactly, knows about these incidents, and why are they not referenced?
  2. If this “we” has “very good evidence” that these cases are being “buried” could he produce that evidence?

These are pretty serious accusations against the profession, and although I am not a particularly big fan of Mr. Bennett, I do support his right to his opinion. However, he seems to be indicating that somehow he is aware of incidents going on in schools that are not being reported, and that these cases are being buried. If he has such evidence, I would love to read it. As a teacher and parent, I believe I have a double interest.

Mr. Bennett is, by his own admission, researching the topic of teacher discipline. If the evidence that he has is simply the work of the CBC, I already have that . But, there seems to be a sense that Mr. Bennett, through his research, has information that the rest of us do not.

I respectfully request he simply produce it.



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4 responses to “A respectful request of Paul W. Bennett

  1. Trisha Munroe

    Grant, I don’t think you’ll be getting an answer to your questions because you haven’t written anything he can plagiarize to respond with.

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