As an experienced public speaker, Grant is known for his engaging and often interactive workshops. Whether it is a session on the power of teacher autonomy, active assessment, or using drama as a teaching method, Grant is able to diversify for a variety of audiences and grade levels. If you are interested in finding out more about these workshops, or having Grant come to your event to speak on any topic raised in his blogs, simply fill out the following form, and he will contact you directly.


Current Offerings:

Gas in the Tank: Can teaching bounce back as a profession? (1 hour)

Teaching is a profession which seems to get tougher every year. Demands of parents, endless administrative tasks, and the ever-changing needs of the students all tap into our energy reserves, leaving not much “gas in the tank” at the end of the day. Added to this, increased scrutiny of the teaching profession in the name of accountability has added another dimension to the overall energy drain on teachers.
This trend is having a blowback effect. As demands on teachers increase, many jurisdictions are suffering from what some are calling a crisis in both recruitment and retention rates.
This session will look at this trend, offering some key examples of both international and national trends, and will ask if Nova Scotia is next. Is teaching the attractive profession it used to be? How is teaching viewed by the public? Could we see a teacher shortage? Finally, what can be done to help the profession “bounce back”? (Presented at Halifax County NSTU Representative training session, November, 2015)

Learning to Fly – Navigating teaching pressures to develop effective teams. (30 minutes to 1 hour)

Teacher leaders are often called upon to do wonders and work miracles. They must teach, evaluate, report, assess, disciple, mollify, defend, respond, counsel and adjust, usually all within the first four minutes of their day! In the melee that is public education, they can sometimes lose sight of how much impact the pressures of work, students, parents and their own family have on them as individuals.

In this light, but eye-opening interactive session, Grant will take teachers through a series of tasks focusing on team building and co-operation, all the while helping teacher leaders recognize how they and the teams they work within are effected by these pressures. A handful of wooden dowels, an open space and some painter’s tape allow teachers to use movement to explore everyday life as a teacher leader. (Presented in abbreviated form at Halifax County Local NSTU executive planning session, summer, 2015.)

Autonomy with a purpose: Driving educational change one classroom at a time. (1 hour)

Autonomy in the work place has been shown to be one of the most important factors in such things as job satisfaction, productivity and creativity in problem solving. However, education tends to be one area where the autonomy of the expert in the classroom has seen significant erosion over the past number of years. It is also an area where the vast majority of change is driven from the outside in or from the top down. In this interactive and entertaining look at teacher autonomy, Grant will explore the issue of teacher autonomy and share some of his insights into how teacher autonomy in the classroom can be the catalyst to truly significant educational change. (Presented at Emergent 2014)